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Eat healthy: Replace 3 white foods with brown

Interesting post! I think it is a good solution for those who can not live without bread and sugar. I personally don’t eat them, although it is very tempting sometimes! 🙂

Wardrobe of Health & Beauty

A healthy body requires healthy eating habit. Whether you are maintaining weight or losing it, omit bad carbs from your life to keep a healthy body, both internally and externally. Workout won’t just help, it works together with the nutrition you are providing the body. Replace these three white foods with brown and cut those extra fat and carbohydrates your body is not letting go, together with improving your digestive system:

  • White bread with brown bread (whole wheat)
  • White sugar with brown sugar
  • White rice with brown rice

Image  Image Image

Calories in a white bread and whole wheat bread are almost same, but what differ is the amount of carbohydrates, fats and fibers. Whole wheat contains more fibers and less carbs than the white bread and the same goes for the white and brown rice. For a healthy diet, minimum of 5 gram fiber intake is important in your breakfast…

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My Breakfast :)

My healthy breakfast! 


2 cups water

2 pears

1 cup raspberries

10 cm piece fresh aloe vera (no skin)

1 tbs chia seeds

kale (as much as you like, the more, the better!)

2 dates

Blend it and drink!



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Get slim with Sassy Water!

Hi everyone! I hope you are having a great weekend 🙂

Today I would like to share my experience with Sassy Water. Have you ever heard of it?  If yes, you must know all the magical benefits it gives you.

Sassy water helps you to lose kilos and maintain flat belly, as its ingrediets overnight create a naural detox which helps to flush impurities out of your body. Sounds interesting, eh?

As for me, I really enjoyed drinking this water, it is delicious, refreshing and (what I liked the most about Sassy Water) it normilizes digestion and reduces any discomfort or “heavy stomach” feeling.

How to make Sassy Water? The recipe is very simple and quick! All you need is:

2 lemons
1/2 cucumber
10-12 mint leaves
3 quarts water

Yields: 10-12 glasses


1. Slice cucumber and lemons. Place in the bottom of the pitcher. Toss in mint leaves. Add water

2. Chill overnight or for at least 8 hours.




It’s all about SQUATS

As I promised, here are the variations of squats with the video explanations!

The number of repetitions and sets.

When losing weight it is better to do more repetitions, for example 15-20 times in 3-5 sets. The weight should be adequate, so that you are able to do the full set. For the beginner even a common bar Olympic weighting 20kg will be difficult to lift,  so you can start with 5kg dumbbells and gradually increase the burden.

When building the muscle mass , you need to concentrate on a small number of repetitions (5-8 ) and 3-5 approaches. The weight should be enough to make a specified number of repetitions without losing the technique of execution. BUT! after the last repetition, you should already be almost feeling like you cannot make another one without rest. Newcomers still not worth it to begin with “fewer repetitions training” , you first need to learn a good proper technique when performing the exercises with very little weight in order to avoid injury.


1. Bar squats

Performance technique:

– put your heels slightly wider than your shoulder width, toes are turned outwards by about 35 degrees

– put the bar on your shoulders

– keep your shoulder blades shoulders, holding the hands behind at a distance wider than shoulders, elbows are pulled back pulling together

– when squatting, the body bends in the pelvic and knee joints, the back leans forward

– the body weight is transferred to the heels

– keep your back straight

– strain the stomach muscles (for the back support )

– knees and hips must not go beyond the feet when squatting

– look forward, holding the neck in line with the back

–  breath in before squatting and breath out when you get back to the initial position


2.  Box Squats

Another type of squatting is box squat (you can use a chair or a bench instead). This exercise is good for those who is not able to perform classic squats in the full amplitude (so that your thighs are parallel to the floor). This video clearly explains and shows the technique:

3. Sumo Squats

This type of squats are very effective for the inner thigh muscles. Squats can be performed either with a barbell or with dumbbells.

Watch the video for detailed instructions:

4. Front Squats

This type of squats increase the load on the front of the thigh – the quadriceps.

5. Split Squats

This exercise is suitable for those who have back problems, as it allows less load on the back (due to the smaller weight).

Summer is coming! Let’s do the squats together 🙂




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How to get a flat stomach!


If you want good results, you should exercise on the regular basis, at least 10-15 mins a day!

Do NOT train on a full stomach!  It is better to do the workout 2-3 hours after the meal.

If you are doing the exercises at home, use a special rug, so that you do not hurt your back while performing the exercises.

Here are the basic exercises for a beautiful and toned tummy. Start with the basics and later I will post more!

Exercise №1

Lie on your back, hands behind the head, the head is raised, legs bent at 90 degrees. Inhale and try to make your head reach the knees. Exhale and return to the starting position. 3 sets of 30-40 repetitions, with an interval of 1 minute.


Exercise №2

Lie on your back, hands resting on the rug along the body. Raise your legs until the torso makes a 90degree angle with the legs. Breath in and lift the pelvis. Breath out and return to the starting position. 2 sets of 50 repetitions


Exercise №3

Lie on one side, one hand behind the head, the other hand is on the rug, legs are slightly bent. Inhale and try to make your elbow reach the  toe, while twisting. Exhale and return to the starting position. 2 sets on each side of 25 repetitions


Exercise №4

Lie on your back, hands behind the head, feet are flat on the rug and knees are bent. Breath in and lift your head and chest up to about 45 degrees, the blades should not touch the floor. Breath out and return to the starting position. 3 sets of 50 repetitions.


Exercise №5

Pull your body into a plank position, and then lower yourself onto your elbows. Keep your shoulders over your elbows, make sure your abs are flat, and clench down your glutes. Remember to breathe but don’t allow your stomach or lower back to drop. Hold this for at least 60 seconds.


And here I am:)


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Muslce-building basics


Charms of this type of training is a relatively rapid increase in all muscle groups . In addition, with the growth of muscle fibers the maximum strength and performance of the athlete increases as well.

You should know that the “muscle” training also has its drawbacks. Firstly, it is a fat gain. Yes, unfortunately, with the increased muscle mass body stores a fat layer. And there is nothing you can do about it . Secondly – reduce of bulging muscles, due to the fat.

Not all “experts” are training in a right way. The main principle of such training is the minimum number of repetitions , but with a maximum effort.

In order to gain mass it is better not to train more than 3 times a week. The duration of trainings should not exceed 1-1.5 hours. The intervals between the trainings are needed for muscles to restore and build up.

It is not recommended to do more than 4 exercises during one training, each of which should be done by 4-5 sets. The number of repetitions in one exercise cannot exceed 5-6 times. If you can do 10-12 it means that the weight is not sufficient for you, and in that way it would be a workout for “drying out the muscles” rather than “bulking”. Thus, the efforts that you make, should be maximized.

In order to build muscle you must eat properly. This does not mean you have to overeat or eat only meat . During the period of this kind of training the body requires a lot of protein, carbohydrates, fiber, vitamins and other essential nutrients (you can find more information on healthy diets in my blog).